Game Show

One Year Off

4 Seasons 13 x 55'
Roses are Blue
2019 - Present
Imagine winning a years salary... Not by knowing the answers but by guessing who ACTUALLY knows the answers!

Sixteen contestants compete for the top prize: 1 year of free life. The grand prize is the net annual salary of the highest-earning contestant. One Year Off promises to bring fun and tactical play to living rooms around the world.

A gameplay mechanic that will see the same 16 contestants battle over 13 weeks, making them familiar to the audience. One will be eliminated every week. A template that encourages audiences to identify and play along with their favorites. 

And the good news is: anyone can win the quiz, because human knowledge is more important than factual knowledge. To score points, the contestants take sides with the participant who they think knows the correct answer.

The worst performing contestant is eliminated each week. In the final episode, the four remaining contestants compete against each other in the finale. Who will be able to take one year off?