2017-08-01 - Reality

TNFP announce third local commission for Hotel Römantiek

Following the announcement six weeks ago of two local commissions for Hotel Romantiek in Spain and Germany, Belgian Distributor The New Flemish Primitives confirms a third local commission in Netherlands.
The 6x60 series was produced by BlueCircle, a FremantleMedia company, for KRO-NCRV on NPO1.
The series will launch on 3rd September with Heel Holland Bakt, the local adaption of The Great British Bake-off as the lead in. The series was line-produced in Switzerland by Format owners Woestijnvis.
TNFP Head of Sales, Siobhan Crawford says “The Dutch territory remain committed to new formats, they embraced this format from the start. BlueCircle and the KRO-NCRV are the perfect fit”.

Hotel Römantiek sees a group of seniors in search of love set off on an unforgettable trip to Switzerland. The singles participate in different activities and every night one lucky couple is taken to a beautiful cabin in the woods for a romantic dinner. At the end of the series, we find out who will take the bus back home, and who will spend a few more romantic days with their new found love. After all, it is never too late to fall in love.