The highly successful reality competition format ‘The Mole’ is returning to the Italian screens as Mediaset has commissioned a new series. The local adaptation will be produced by Fascino and is scheduled to launch on Canale 5 early 2023.  

The new series means a comeback of ‘La Talpa’ in the territory, as the series originally broadcast on RAI1 in 2004, followed by 2 series on Italia 1 in 2005 and 2008.

The format originates from Belgium and was launched in 1998. Since then, it has been produced in more than 20 countries making it the most-sold format from Belgium. It currently runs on Play4 in Belgium, NPO1 in The Netherlands and Finland (MTV3). A new series in also in production for Discovery+ in Sweden, to be launched in Fall this year.

The Mole is an award-winning reality competition, in which 10 contestants travel to an unknown destination. They all have one goal: to discover ‘the mole’, as one of them is secretly sabotaging their group efforts while carrying out a variety of challenges. The more they find out about the identity of the mole, the bigger their chances of reaching the final as the contestant with the least knowledge about the mole will be eliminated. The key to success is to trust no one. Because in the end, anyone can be The Mole…

“The memory of La Talpa has never faded in Italy and we are sure that the production quality and creativity of Fascino will be able to reinvigorate the format and bring it back to success” says Massimo Porta, Head on Entertainment at RTI.

Says Simone de Pruyssenaere, Director of Sales & Acquisitions at Primitives: “We are so pleased that The Mole will relaunch in Italy next year. The format is a huge international success, and this proves that a 20+ year old format can be very much alive. It’s breaking ratings records in Belgium and The Netherlands and really is one of those formats that doesn’t age. I’m convinced that the Italian audience will embrace the program again and will all join the hunt to discover The Mole”.