2017-11-15 - Comedy

Strong launch for Lip Sync Stories in Belgium

The much anticipated format “Lip Sync Stories” launched on November 1,2017 as commercial channel VTM’s highest ranked program of the day.  With an average market share of 28,2% in the commercial demographics (18-54) and reaching a peak of 608.000 viewers, this much discussed MIPCOM launch increased the slot average by 50%.
This format sees celebrities retelling their most memorable stories at home with actors re-enacting the story fully lip synced.

Siobhan Crawford, Head of Sales of distributor The New Flemish Primitives is extremely pleased with this successful premiere: “We were immediately convinced of the broad appeal of this format.  Last night’s ratings and shares show that viewers are extremely keen to listen to the celebrities’ anecdotes lip synced by a talented cast of actors.  We look forward to see more of this in the next five weeks.”