2020-04-17 - Reality


A brand new commission in these challenging times, The Container Cup provides athletes with an arena to compete. This corona-friendly format launched on the 26th of April after the finale of The Mole.

S1: 20-25 eps x 25-30’, VIER (SBS Belgium), daily, 5 weeks, weekday prime

The format launched with an average 21% share in the commercial demo/300k viewers, ranking second highest for SBS for the day.

Rights have now been placed in Germany, France, Netherlands and US, with further negotiations ongoing.

One sea container will travel the country to act as the sporting arena for sportsmen and women at peak fitness. Eager to display their fitness and wanting to be competitive during lockdown, 30 athletes from many disciplines will compete in their own heptathlon; there are seven extremely compact disciplines inside the container:  1.5 km distance run, a climbing course with 'monkey bars', hit a golf ball as far away as possible, row 1 km, hit 5 targets with a biathlon gun, lift as much weight as possible on the bench press and cycle 3 km. Once they have given everything they can, the next athlete gets a chance in the travelling container. There is no fairer competition, because in The Container Cup everyone has a home advantage.