After 4 years, Man bites dog is back in the Netherlands

Returning to the Netherlands on a new channel and after 4 years, Man bites dog brings daily news about what the citizens are doing, by making the small news big and the other way around. What is going on in our society ? The viewers get to know the Netherlands in a different way but that doesn’t mean that the news is less important. News with humour.

The show keeps its well-known sections like ‘Babbelbox’ and ‘Dog at the table’ but also provides new items and innovations. Originally the series was broadcast on NCRV NPO1 from  1999-2006, moving to NPO2 in 2006 until 2015. The new 90 episode series launched onSBS6 with 715.000 viewers. During the first 2 weeks an average of 503.384 viewers watched the daily show.