Belgian hit format 99 To Beat will travel to Germany in summer 2021. The third local adaption of the family entertainment format has been commissioned by Sat1 and will be produced by Fabiola. The 3x150 series will launch on July 9th and will be locally titled "99 - Eine:r schlägt sie alle!" .

In Belgium, a fourth season of the format is in production for één with a special children’s spin-off commissioned for 2 seasons for public broadcaster channel Ketnet confirmed. Homo Universalis Ketnet will see 25 children aged between 7-12 compete.

The format, created by VRT and De Chinezen, was launched at MIPCOM 2019 and rights were granted in 12 countries, most recently in the USA. 99 To Beat is a  studio format where 100 people compete in 99 everyday challenges with 1 elimination per challenge. The contestants don’t have to be the smartest of the fastest, they just can’t come last. The multi-talented last person standing will have beaten the 99! 

Primitives have said “COVID had a huge impact on this format due to the idea of 100 people in a room but this has proven to be an adaptable format and pandemic-production friendly”.